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Why enroll in one of our Operations Excellence executive programs?

Here’s what program alumni have to say about our slate of courses—and how they’ve translated  the knowledge gained into organizational success.


“UT's Lean Enterprise Systems Design Institute was the best week of professional development I've ever experienced! The course armed me with useful tools, not just theory and concepts. It gave me a sense of urgency about eliminating "white space" queue time in processes throughout my company to create speed and productivity. UT revolutionized the way that I think.

UT's curriculum was relevant, rigorous and real-world. The class was tailored to our company, but still exposed me to fresh concepts from other industries. The vesting that UT does to understand the organizations they work with really adds value to the learning experience.”

—Scott Selle
Former President, Fairchild Controls Corp.

“UT’s Lean MRO course is helping us transform our organization. We have learned where to make changes and how to be more efficient. The value of the course is evident; we’ve sent over 30 individuals—from all management levels—to the course over the past three years, and we’re getting ready to send more.

Because of MRO variability, applying lean in the MRO environment is significantly different than in a manufacturing environment. The tools, techniques, and thought processes that I learned in Lean MRO were extremely valuable and specific to our MRO environment. This is one of the few sources of education to which I can send my employees to help them better understand our MRO operation.”

—Kevin Warnock
Senior Industrial Engineer, Facilities & Process Engineering, 402 CMMXSS/MXCOPA; Warner Robins Air Logistics Center

“The technologies, principles, and concepts we have acquired through our partnership with UT have been an essential part of La-Z-Boy Tennessee’s lean journey.”

—Darrell Edwards
VP of Manufacturing, La-Z-Boy Tennessee

“Tennessee's on-site lean training has enabled Woodward to learn the theory and techniques of a lean enterprise and improve our operational performance to the point where it has become a competitive advantage in the aerospace marketplace.”

—Steve Ebbing
Former Operations Manager/Site Leader; Woodward Aircraft Engine Systems

Success Stories

“Whenever we send our associates to CEE, the result is the same . . . the payback they provide to the company exceeds the educational investment.”
Darrell Edwards, Vice President, La-Z-Boy Tennessee
“I have seen firsthand how UT’s programs have changed our employees’ critical and strategic thinking skills and broadened their perspectives.”
Steve Thornton, Group Vice President, Plymouth Tube Company

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